Don Sullivan's Secrets to Training The Perfect Dog DVD Course Review

Don Sullivan’s Secrets to Training The Perfect Dog DVD Course Review

How well your dog behaves in any given situation is down to how well, or not, you have taught them to behave. Training a dog is quite a responsibility and not everyone gets it right, even if they have been trying hard to do so.

In this review, we are going to be looking at Don Sullivan's Secrets to Training The Perfect Dog DVD Course so if you have struggled to train your dog, are not sure how to do it properly, or have a young dog whose time has come to be trained, then read on.

Don Sullivan's Secrets to Training The Perfect Dog DVD Course

Perfect Dog 2-Disc DVD Set Don Sullivan's Secrets to Train The Perfect Dog

Don Sullivan is one of the world's most accomplished dog trainers, so when he has a DVD set on that very subject it is worth looking at.

Don has been training dogs professionally for over 30 years and his methods are so successful that he has been nicknamed 'The Dogfather', which is now his registered trademark. That name may not put him in line to appear in a Francis Ford Coppola movie; however, with a TV series that has been running for over 10 years, maybe he doesn't need the work.

This dog training course is 5 hours, and over 70 lessons of Dan explaining and showing the dog training methods which he has been using for over 30 years. It was first released in 2010, and the methods are still as effective today as they were then.

Who is This Product For?

There is a broad range of dog owners who will benefit from this dog training DVD set, but the individual who will benefit most will be your dog. A well-trained dog is more content and happier, so bear that in mind.

In terms of the dog owners, if any of the following scenarios exist, then this dog training course is for you.

  • You've adopted a dog who has obviously not been trained properly
  • Your dog does not always obey commands
  • Your dog gets excited/aggressive/fearful when another dog approaches
  • As above but when humans approach
  • Your dog runs off to chase whatever catches their eye
  • Your puppy is 9 weeks or older, and it is time to train them
  • You need to housebreak your puppy/dog
  • Your dog pees when they are excited
  • You thought your dog was too timid or too excitable to train
  • Other training methods have not worked

This training will also work for your dog regardless of how old they are, what size they are, and whatever breed they are.

What's Included?

This is a simple answer; the DVD course of 'Don Sullivan's Secrets to Training The Perfect Dog' training course. The set has 2 DVDs, the course runs for about 5 hours, and there is a total of 77 lessons.

Perfect Dog 2-Disc DVD Set Don Sullivan's Secrets to Train The Perfect Dog
  • No More Stealing Food
  • No More Getting In Garbage
  • No More Leash Pulling
  • Package Dimensions: 7.5" L X 5.25" W X 0.25" H

Overview of Features

This dog training course is applicable to dogs of any age, any size or any breed, and it can be effective for dogs who have previously seemed untrainable. There are 77 lessons which cover everything from basics like walking on the leash, to dealing with more complex issues such as serious behavioral problems.

One of the core principles in Don's training is that dogs will react better to praise than they do to treats. This is a common issue for dog owners whose dogs will only seem do anything they are told for a biscuit or some other treat, which potentially leads to them putting on weight, and is nothing more than a bribe.

Praise-based training, which this DVD course focusses on, is more effective in teaching your dog good manners, obedience and how to behave in an acceptable manner.

From that core principle here are a few of the training subjects which are covered in the DVD:

  • Leadership - That's You
  • Housebreaking
  • Excitement Peeing
  • Staying Within Boundaries
  • Walking Off Leash
  • Recall/Stay on Command
  • Stopping Excessive Barking
  • Socializing with Other Dogs and People
  • Annoying Behaviors e.g. Aggression, Biting, Jumping, Chewing

There are other subjects covered on a more general basis such as playing and having fun with your dog, safety, and how to communicate with them.

How to Use It?

With over 5 hours and 77 lessons, it is understandable if you are unsure where to start. However, there's no need to be concerned because the course has a Quick Start Guide. You must read this before embarking on any of the training lessons in the DVDs, as it covers any training equipment that you might need, some important first principles, and explains the best way to follow the course.

There is no hard and fast rule about how you go through the DVDs; however, the best results have come when dog owners have watched both DVDs all the way through first and then gone back through the course one lesson at a time. The reason this works is that it gives you the full picture, which makes understanding the lessons easier as you go through them individually.

The course can and should be watched by all family members. It is best for everyone, including your dog, if all the people in the household are consistent in terms of commands, praise, and rewards.


Often it is said that it is the dog owners who need the most training, not the dogs, so on that theme, here is an alternative training DVD which focuses on the humans. It is from the renowned dog behaviorist and trainer, Cesar Milan, aka 'The Dog Whisperer', and is a guide for dog owners on how to understand their dog and their needs. It includes sections on how the pack works, how to walk your dog effectively, how to give them affection, and much more.


Any dog trainer who has been successfully training dogs, or more accurately, their owners, for over 30 years, must be doing something right, and this is the case with Don Sullivan.

Now you can watch and follow Don for no less than 5 hours as he teaches you his methods with this DVD set. It is the next best thing to having him stand next to you as you train your dog. The best thing is you can go back over each lesson again as often as you want until both you and your dog have it nailed down.

The result will be a happier, calmer, more obedient dog, which is great for their well-being. Better still, as their owner, you can be proud of what you have both achieved as you walk confidently down the street with your well-behaved dog.