38 Most Popular Black Dog Names of 2019

black_dog_namesAre you thinking about getting a black Labrador dog soon? Or maybe you just brought a pug home and have yet to name him.

Being the owner of a new dog is a significant responsibility.  With great responsibility comes great love from that pet. Whether you’ve gotten it from a rescue or chose it as a puppy from the pack, one of the first things on your list of things to do, is name it.  Naming your dog is the first step to love and care for them. They will feel your love and in return share it freely with you.


There is a wide range of black dogs from small breeds such as the miniature schnauzer to the larger breeds such as a great Dane. Black dogs are often chosen out of the pack of pups because their fur tends to look silky or shiny and smooth compared to some that have multi colors. Whatever your reason for choosing your black babe, you’ll want just as beautiful a name for it.

Many people look for unique black dog names associated with the color black or for example name their pet after well-known personalities that are African American such as “Oprah” or “Obama”.  Some names come from black magic, or books, or movie characters that are black. Some names are derived from other black animals or black foods. A great idea is to consider the size, personality, and look of the dog when choosing a name.

There are so many possibilities and we will explore the most popular black dog names below.

Listed below are some of the most popular names and some of their meanings:

Most Popular Black Dog Names

  • Currant…Top black dog name.
  • Ashes Or Ash (could use Ashley for a girl pup)
  • Bear… would be good for a big Black dog
  • Charcoal…Shortens to Char (for a girl) or Coal (for a boy)
  • Domino…maybe for a dog that has black and white
  • Dusk…Follows sunset. Maybe if you have another pet named Dawn, you could name your new black baby Dusk.
  • Ebony…Hard black wood.
  • Inky…or inkblot
  • Licorice…black licorice
  • Midnight…When it’s really dark at night.
  • Mulberry…Like Black Mulberry tree.
  • Onyx…A black gemstone.
  • Olive…Evergreen tree with shiny black fruits.
  • Pitch…A great name for those who love “pitch black” from the movie “Rise of the Guardians”
  • Prune…Black and wrinkly would be good for a cute pug
  • Raven…Blackbird
  • Shadow…My sister’s dog is Shadow because it follows her everywhere
  • Sooty…Another top black dog name.
  • Spell…as in black magic

Dogs named after famous African-Americans

  • Ali (after Mohammad Ali): maybe you have a black boxer
  • Whoopi (after Whoopi Goldberg)
  • King (after Martin Luther King Jr)
  • Mike or Jack (after Michael Jackson): for you music lovers out there
  • Michael or Mike (after Mike Tyson or Michael Jordan) for the sports fans

Some of our favorite black dog names

  • Ash
  • Batman
  • Blackjack (Jack for short)
  • Black Pearl – I do love me some “Pirates of the Carribean”
  • Charcoal or Coal (Cole) for short
  • Cinde – if your Daughter loves Cinderella
  • Dot
  • Hershey – for those of us who love chocolate
  • Knight or Night
  • Midnight
  • Onyx
  • Oreo
  • Panda Bear
  • Pepper


best_black_dog_namesBe reasonable in deciding on a name that is easy to say and easy to be understood.  Consider naming a dog with only a couple of syllables. You want to make sure that your dog will understand its name when training it.

Sometimes calling a dog a name that is super popular isn’t helpful as naming a dog with a unique twist. If you’re at the park and you name your dog buddy for example (super popular), there may be several other dogs there with the same name ready to heed your command. Whereas if you name your dog Panda Bear, there may not be as many dogs listening when you call your dog.

black_dog_names_2017_2018_2019_2020Whatever name you decide on, I’m sure it will be best for you and your lovable new pet! It’s always exciting to choose a fitting name for your new pets! Again, read some tips above and look at the meanings of some of the names. I Hope this helped and I’m sure you’ll find a fitting name for your new loved one.