Best Dog Names: Our Favorites for 2018

Best Dog Names: Our Favorites for 2018

From hamsters to cats, nearly everyone in the world has had to think of a name for a special pet in their life. A name is not only something that you’ll be saying out loud, but it’s a way to show off your dog’s best characteristics with a single word. Finding the best dog names is something that takes time, especially if you’re looking for the most iconic one that perfectly captures everything that you love about your special friend.

We’ve found a collection of the best names for dogs to help you create something perfect for the latest addition to your family.

Top Nine Dog Names

1. Alistair: “Man’s Defender”

Not only is Alistair a fantastic name for people who have a passion for Ancient civilizations and mythology, but it’s also ideal for a dog that is the protector of a family. With the meaning of “man’s defender”, Alistair is the best option if you own a pet that will protect their loved ones from any harm; in fact, you’ll find that it’s quite popular amongst tactical dog trainers.

Alternatives: Ali, Adonis, Ares

2. Aristotle: Derived from a Greek Philosopher

There are several different dog breeds that look wiser than their years, such as Bloodhounds and you’ll want to make sure that you give your pet a name that suits their personality. Aristotle is known as one of the most famous Greek philosophers, and as a student of Plato, you can guarantee some of his philosophies are things that we live our lives by today. As the owner of a pet that you confide everything to and that always seems to have the perfect answers, Aristotle is the name they have always deserved.

Alternatives: Alexander, Plato, Aris

3. Bullet: Ammunition

It’s more often than not that people wind up finding the perfect dog for them, but they may have a little more energy than anticipated, especially if they are a first-time dog owner. Bullet is a fantastic name for a pet that has a lot of energy and finds itself ricocheting from one activity to another just because it never seems to tire out. Excessive energy isn’t always a bad thing, especially if your dog has the opportunity to exercise often, which is why we love the name Bullet.

Alternatives: Nitro, Bull, Rocket

4. Champ: Champion

As a short form of the word champion, what better way to show off the brilliance and strength of your dog than to name it Champ? What would also be funny is if you were to give it to a smaller toy breed, as it’s rather ironic and will surely make your friends and family members laugh. Remember, your dog is sure to become your best friend and anyone who loves you as unconditionally as your dog surely is a champion that should never be forgotten.

Alternatives: Apollo, Winner, Crusher

5. Digger: Derived from English Protestants

Digger isn’t a highly religious name, but it has a strong history amongst English Protestants. The reason as to why we think Digger is undoubtedly one of the best dog names is it perfectly accentuates a furry friend that loves to dig in the backyard and play in the dirt. You can surely bet that if you leave them at a friend or family member’s house while on vacation, they’ll immediately be able to tell that they need to protect their gardens while taking your pet out for their daily walks.

Alternatives: Digg, Bobcat

6. Cupcake: Sweet Treat

There are plenty of dogs that are filled with so much love that it overflows with sickly sweetness, and if you’re the owner of one, you should consider naming them Cupcake. As a name that is typically used for female dogs, we also think that it’s a unisex name that is most applicable to smaller breeds or dogs that love to think that they are lapdogs, even if they’re a little too big! Not to mention that cupcakes are easily one of the most popular sweet treats you can get your hands on to celebrate a special occasion or end a long day at work.

Alternatives: Cuppy, Brownie, Lolli

7. Frodo: Derived from Lord of the Rings

As one of the most iconic explorers ever written in novels, Frodo, derived from Lord of the Rings, showed courage and gumption when no one else would as he adventured across Middle Earth with his best friend, Sam. Perfect for dogs that not only love going out exploring but that also show confidence in the face of hard times, Frodo is a great way to show off your nerdy side.

Alternatives: Pippin, Sam Wise, Gandalf

8. Pumbaa: Derived from The Lion King

If you’re someone who grew up watching Disney movies, hearing the name Pumbaa likely makes you think of gluttonous yet loveable characters, which are two things that many dog owners can use to describe their pets. Perfect for the dog that always begs for more dinner after they have just been fed or that has a stocky disposition, Pumbaa is a huggable and joyous name that your kids will surely love.

Alternatives: Simba, Timon, Pumba

9. Pickle: Cucumber preserved in vinegar

Pickles are one of the few treats in the world that many people love, but plenty of people aren’t fans of at the same time. Pickle is an adorable name that would fit perfectly with absolutely any dog, whether they are male or female. No matter if you love pickles or if you hate them, you can guarantee that everyone will love your pet as soon as they meet them!

Alternatives: Cucumber, Picky, Pick

Final Thoughts

When you search for the best dog names, your results are all subjective as you likely know in your heart what name would work best for your pet. We’ve found all of the best names that would perfectly round up all of the most surprising yet wonderful characteristics of your new pet, giving you the ability to name them something worthwhile. Even if you use some of these names as inspiration, you’re well on your way to finding the most memorable and loving title that your dog is sure to appreciate for their entire life.