German Dog Names: Authentic German Names with Meaning

German Dog Names: Authentic German Names with Meaning

When it comes to choosing authentic foreign names for your dogs, you’ll find that you can choose from anything that you would name your child, especially as they won’t be as common in North America as they are in Europe. German names have the tendency to show off strength and confidence, which is why plenty of dog owners prefer to use them over traditional names that most dogs have.

Below are our favorite German dog names for pets of all sizes so that you can give your dog something different.

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10 Most Popular German Dog Names 2019

1. Albrecht

Meaning: Noble and bright

When you start researching different dog breeds, you’ll find that plenty of them offer nobility unlike any other. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that you own a noble dog, as it offers a level of loyalty that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. If you’re the owner of a dog that is equally as bright as they are loyal to your family, Albrecht is a fantastic name to use.

2. Alger

Meaning: Clever warrior

Not all dogs are created equally; plenty of them have a historical past of fighting for their territory and standing strong against other dogs. This is why we love the name Alger, as its direct definition is a clever warrior, which makes it perfect for the type of dog that loves to outsmart its opponent. Not that we’d recommend encouraging your dog to fight, but if they have a very fiery personality, then Alger could be the name for them.

3. Aldo

Meaning: Wise and old

Sometimes you come across dogs that look like they have all of the answers and have seen everything in their lifetime. For these dogs, you’re going to want to find a name that captures the soul in their eyes that gives you comfort in your time of need. Aldo is a great name to give a pet that has a sincere yet experienced look in their eyes as if they have seen the world many times over.

4. Axel

Meaning: Father of peace

Perfect for dogs that try to bring the family together to participate in activities or that are seemingly the peacekeepers of the household, Axel is a famous German name that would sound great for small, medium, and large dogs alike. It’s also the first name of the lead singer of Guns N Roses, which might be an encouraging factor for anyone who is a fan of hair metal.

5. Dieter

Meaning: Ruler of the people

Dieter is a name that is reserved for the type of dog that likes to command everyone in a room and be the leader of the pack. It’s also an excellent name for a pet that likes to control their training schedule and might be a little hard headed than other breeds that you might adopt, especially when it comes to being told what to do. Dieter means ruler of the people, and as such, it should be given to dogs that may always think that they are right and know what’s best for the family.

6. Felix

Meaning: Fortunate and happy

At the end of the day, any dog that you own is going to be exceptionally fortunate, but if they are also happy because of all of the things that they have, then Felix is another one of the great German dog names that you can give to your furry friend. Known for being exuberant and overwhelmingly chipper, Felix is ideal for the type of dog that always has a bounce in their step and seems to be wagging their tail each time.

7. Kaiser

Meaning: Emperor

If there’s one dog name on this list that you are likely to see more often than other names, it’s Kaiser because of its strong and bold meaning. Naming your dog after something that describes an emperor is ideal if you have a pet with a commanding personality and that will rule any area that they are playing in. It’s also a phenomenal name for dogs that are highly territorial and don’t appreciate when other pets try to mark their territory near them.

8. Raymond

Meaning: Protector and wise

At times, you might find yourself in a situation where your dog is going to have to protect your family, whether it’s by alerting you of people near your home when you’re not prepared for guests or if you use your dog as a guide to get you from one location to another safely. Raymond has the direct meaning of wise protector, which means it’s the perfect name for a pet that is always at your side and will stop at nothing to make sure the family is safe. It’s the best name for a loyal and obedient pet that is also a little territorial, but only when it comes to protecting their pack.

9. Ulf

Meaning: Wolf

As a name that we love for Siberian Huskies, Ulf has the direct translation of Wolf and is characteristic for any dog that has any wolf-like tendencies. Above all else, it’s one of the easiest names on this list for children to pronounce as it’s a single syllable made of three letters. Wolves are notorious for traveling in packs, which is why you might want to consider the name for a pet that loves to spend time with the family and isn’t particularly interested in heading out on its own.

10. Wolfgang

Meaning: Traveling wolf

On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re looking for a wolf-related name but your pet prefers to explore and be on its own rather than travel in a pack, Wolfgang is a great alternative as it means traveling wolf. Also, the name of one of the most influential classical musicians in history, Wolfgang is a German name with a lot of notoriety and class behind it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing German dog names is easier than most people think, especially as they aren’t as commonly used in North America as they are in Europe. With hundreds of different names to choose from, above are our favorite unisex names that apply to relatively any dog breed. Innovative, serene, and so distinctly German, these names will surely sum up your dog’s personality with ease.