Thundershirt Reviews

ThunderShirt Reviews

Do you have a dog who suffers from anxiety? It’s a pretty common problem that can affect any breed, any age of dog, and at any time. It can start with something minor, like whining, and then escalate to more destructive behavior. That’s why you should try a specialized garment for your dog called the […]

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Bravecto Review: Prevent Fleas, Ticks and other Parasites

Dogs need to get outdoors a lot, but there are a lot of dangers associated with being outdoors, including fleas, ticks, and other parasites. How do you prevent your dog from being affected by these parasites? You need a treatment that is going to kill any parasite as soon as it feeds on your dog. […]

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NexGard Review: The Next thing in Flea and Tick Prevention

Some medications only protect your dog against fleas, and some are only for ticks. Most are topical solutions that are messy and difficult to apply. Why not use a medication that kills both fleas and ticks, and that is easy to use? With NexGard Chewables, you can have it all. NexGard is a new, chewable […]

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Simparica Reviews

We always start out with the best of intentions, but sometimes we forgot to give our dogs their flea treatments on time. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a flea treatment that lasts for an extra few days, for those occasions when you forget? There is actually one flea treatment that lasts for 35 […]

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Trifexis Review: Protect Your Dog from Parasites

We’ve all used topical flea treatments on our dogs, and we all know just how much of a pain it can be to administer these treatments. They are messy, it can be nearly impossible to find the right spot, and then you are always worried that your dog is going to be able to lick […]

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Best Kirkland Brand Dog Food Review

Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Dog Food Reviews

Why should you have to drop $100 to feed your dog a nutritious meal when you can get the same quality at a cheaper price? Costco’s Kirkland brand of premium dog food, Nature’s Domain promises many of the same benefits of brands like Orijen or Merrick Backcountry for a fraction of the cost. In this Kirkland dog […]

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IAMS Dog Food Review

IAMS is a pet food powerhouse with a trusted customer base thanks to their healthy and well-formulated pet foods. IAMS uses real chicken (and other meats) as their key ingredient and added nutrients for optimum canine health.  In our IAMS dog food review, you will find formula options for puppies and older dogs, as well as treats […]

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fromm dog food review

Fromm Dog Food Review

Fromm is a family-owned pet food company. Dedicated to pet health and nutrition, all ingredients and cooking processes are regulated with passion, love and expertise. Fromm dog food has a great range of formulas for dogs of all ages and sizes. They have many grain-free options for dogs with grain-related allergies. Fromm Dog Food ReviewsFromm Gold […]

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Merrick Dog Food Reviews

Merrick Dog Food Reviews Merrick pet foods are all grain-free and made with care in the Merrick kitchens. They focus on sourcing safe, fresh and local ingredients from farms and other reputable suppliers. Merrick has a range of home-style recipes with real meat and rich gravy, without nasty artificial ingredients or additives.   Merrick Grain […]

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Pure Balance Dog Food Review

Pure Balance Dog Food Review Pure Balance is a dog food company with a focus on natural ingredients, real foods, and gentle formulas for sensitive stomachs. All of their recipes are free of corn, soy, and wheat, and many of them are also grain-free. Real fish, red meat, chicken, vegetables and added natural vitamins and […]

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