Bravecto Review: Prevent Fleas, Ticks and other Parasites

Dogs need to get outdoors a lot, but there are a lot of dangers associated with being outdoors, including fleas, ticks, and other parasites. How do you prevent your dog from being affected by these parasites? You need a treatment that is going to kill any parasite as soon as it feeds on your dog. One such treatment is Bravecto for dogs, which is the first oral medication that you can give your dogs to protect them from parasites for up to 12 weeks. Read on to learn more about Bravecto and how it can help your dog.

What is Bravecto?

Bravecto is an advanced solution specifically designed to protect dogs from fleas, ticks, and other parasites. It begins to work within hours of ingestion through anti-parasitic compounds that go right into the tissue fluids beneath your dog’s skin. These compounds go to work immediately, and kill any parasite that tries to feed on your dog. It is proven to be effective in preventing fleas, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, lone star tics, and black legged ticks. Just one tablet is all your dog needs to be protected for up to three months. Bravecto is not a treatment that you can buy at pet stores. It is only available from veterinarians.

Bravecto contains fluralaner as its active ingredient. This is a compound that helps to control fleas, ticks, and other parasites that get on your dog’s skin. It can instantly kill these parasites, and it only takes up to 12 hours to begin working.

Benefits of Bravecto

Bravecto is a medication for both dogs and puppies six months or older. Some of the benefits of Bravecto include:

No Monthly Dosing

Just three treatments provide protection to your dog for one full year, so there is no need to give them a dose every month as you do with other flea and tick medications. There is also less of a chance that you are going to miss a monthly dosage and have to worry that your dog is not protected. If there is a problem with lone star ticks, your vet may prescribe treatments every eight weeks instead of 12.

Works Fast

Bravecto can start working within two hours of being ingested. It starts killing fleas within two hours, and begins killing most ticks within 12 hours. This protection lasts for up to three months, but your vet may recommend a different dosage in the case of lone star ticks.

Easy to Use

You don’t have to find a spot on the back of the neck to apply a messy liquid. This is an oral medication, and dogs love the flavor. These are chewy tablets that you can give to your dog with meals. Most dogs will eat it without any fuss, but you may have to put it in with the food if your dog is fussy. Because it is not a topical solution, it is not going to lose its effect if your dog gets a bath or goes swimming.

Safe for Most Dogs

This medication is safe for most adult dogs, including dogs that are breeding, pregnant, or lactating. It is also safe for puppies six months and older, and weighing 4.4 pounds or more. There are also no known issues about this medication interacting other medications that your vet has prescribed for your dog.


The prescribed dosage is generally 11.4mg per pound of body weight (see chart below), and treatment can begin any time, and go on throughout the year. This is not just a summer time treatment, as parasites can get on pets at any time of the year.


You can give Bravecto to your dog at any time of the day or night. It is generally recommended that it be given with food.

Warnings about Bravecto

While this is a very effective medication for dogs, it is not recommended for use on other pets; never use this product on your cats. To prevent fleas and ticks on cats, ask about Bravecto for cats, which is a topical solution. Also, this flea and tick medication should never be used on horses. Ask your vet about other medications for the rest of your pets.

Other warnings to be aware of include:

Not for Human Consumption

This is not a drug that is meant for humans to use. Make sure that it is out of the reach of children at all times. Always keep this medication in its original packaging until you need to give it to your dog.

Care in Handling

Do not do anything that requires putting your hands near your mouth while administering this product to your dog, including eating, drinking, and smoking. Wash your hands thoroughly in hot, soapy water after giving a treatment to your dog.

Side Effects

Even though this medication is generally safe for most dogs, there can be some side effects to be aware of, including vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, urinary tract infection symptoms (i.e. blood in urine), blood in the stool, itching, and weight loss. Seizures are another side effect, but are rare. There have not been any recorded issues of serious health problems or side effects as a result of Bravecto.


Do not store this product where the temperatures exceed 86° F.


Not only do you need to make sure that your dog is safe from fleas, ticks, and other parasites, you don’t want these parasites coming into contact with the rest of your family, both humans and pets. Using Bravecto is going to ensure that your pet does not have to deal with fleas and ticks, and there are very few side effects to worry about. Ask your vet about Bravecto today.