Cool Dog Names: The Top 11 Choices

Cool Dog Names: The Top 11 Choices

If you’ve been scouring the internet for names to give your dog, you’ve undoubtedly seen unique and adorable ones, but have you thought about looking into cool names that will impress strangers and friends alike? There’s nothing better than giving your dog a name that you won’t be embarrassed to shout out at the dog park and that other people have likely never heard before. We’ve found the top 10 cool dog names as well as their meanings to help you find the perfect title for your new pet.

The Coolest Dog Names for Your Pet

1. Muse

Meaning: Inspirational

If you’re an artist, you’ve certainly heard of a muse before, which is why we love this idea as a name for your furry friend. When you look at your dog, they can inspire you to do plenty of things, whether it’s to get more active or to become more social. Thus, giving them a fitting name is the best way to show your appreciation for them.

2. Blazer

Meaning: Fire that burns or flares

There are plenty of dog breeds that are known for their spunky personalities and active lifestyle, and Blazer is the perfect name for them. If you’re the owner of a pet that prances around with purpose and takes the world by storm, no matter what is in their way, Blazer is a great name to choose.

3. Benz

Meaning: Luxury sports car

Similar to Bentley, Benz is another luxury car name that is also perfectly adaptable to a dog. Owners who love the finer things in life, especially cars, will love the idea of Benz and it also rolls right off of the tongue. It’s also a relatively unique name, so you can guarantee it will start conversations with other dog owners at the park.

4. Prophet

Meaning: Direct speaker of God

Perfect for people who practice religion, Prophet is a cool name to give your dog, especially if you’re a fan of Ancient Egypt and mythology. We also love the name for a pet that has all-knowing eyes and is someone that you confide all of your problems to. If you’re looking for another Biblical name, something such as Matthias is another interesting option.

5. Clapton

Meaning: Derived from Eric Clapton, a musician

As arguably one of the most influential artists of their time, Eric Clapton has a unique last name that also doubles as one of the many cool dog names on this list. If you’re someone who has an affinity for bluesy rock, this is a perfect way to show off your interests while giving your dog an awesome name that your friends are sure to love as well.

6. Basil

Meaning: Herb

People who are obsessed with the culinary arts are undoubtedly going to try to find a dog name that accentuates their interests, and although there are plenty of other herbs that you can choose from, Basil is something that you’ve likely never heard before. Also, when you say it out loud, it sounds innovative and is easy for children to remember. Plus, it’s short enough that it will easily fit on a dog tag!

7. Apollo

Meaning: Destroyer, Rocky reference, music

If you’ve studied Greek mythology in the past, you know that Apollo is one of the most complex deities that you will study, which makes it the perfect name for a dog that has plenty of personal characteristics. Known as the God of truth, prophecy, music, plague, poetry, and many other things, it’s the perfect title for a pet that seemingly is interested in absolutely everything that comes their way. Apollo is also a quintessential name for someone who is a fan of the Rocky franchise but isn’t interested in choosing a traditional name such as Balboa.

8. Espresso

Meaning: Type of coffee

Calling all dog owners who have a pet that seemingly has more energy than anything you could ever imagine, espresso is equally as adorable as it is cool for a pet that bounces off of the walls and never tires from playing with other dogs or your family members. As one of the most delicious caffeinated beverages that you can enjoy when it's added to a latte, Espresso is by far one of our favorite names on this list.

9. Gizmo

Meaning: Gremlin or mechanical gadget

No matter if you’re a true techie or if you’re a fan of the Gremlins movies, Gizmo is a fantastic name to give to your dog, especially if you own a toy breed with similar characteristics to the film character itself. Known for its loving and charismatic personality, Gizmo is surely a pop culture icon that relatively everyone has heard of, but most people wouldn’t expect it to be a dog name.

10. Hyde

Meaning: Derived from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Even though we love our dogs to the moon and back, you can guarantee some pet owners think their dogs have more than one personality. This is what makes Hyde the perfect name, as it accurately captures their good and evil sides. If you’re someone who has a furry little friend that loves to cuddle some days but also loves to tear up your favorite shoes on other days, Hyde (or Jekyll) is a phenomenal name to use to your advantage.

11. Radar

Meaning: Sonar equipment

Radar is a name that is perfect for a dog that loves to go scavenging when out for walks or that loves to find items that you’ve lost around the house. It’s also a very militant name, and it’s perfect for military families or people who love the technology that the military has provided to the general public.

Final Thoughts

Finding cool dog names gives you the ability to gift your pet something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Instead of falling back on traditional names such as “Cooper” or “Oscar”, you can surely think of something that is far more awesome and interesting. With the help of this list, picking the perfect name should be easier than you imagined and it will definitely give you some inspiration if you intend on making up a name all on your own.