Female Dog Names: 2018 Favorites

Female Dog Names: 2018 Favorites

Choosing a name for your new pet is just as important as choosing a name for a child; it’s a moniker that will resemble their personality and will be used more often than you think. When it comes to finding female dog names, you can bet there are hundreds of thousands to choose from, but finding the right one for your furry friend can take a little more effort than you originally thought. Below are the best dog names for females that will help make choosing the perfect name simpler for you.

12 Favorite Names for Female Dogs

1. Lady

Derived from the classic Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp, we love the idea of using this name for your dog, especially if she’s a cocker spaniel. It’s an elegant and beautiful name that pairs lovely with a dog that is always immaculately groomed and puts her best foot forward.

Alternatives: Ladie, Ladi, Ladee

2. Dolce

Perfect for a dog with an owner that has an affinity for the finer things in life, Dolce is one half of the notable brand, Dolce & Gabbana. Known for their extrinsic styles and everyday wearable modern and eclectic clothing and accessories, if you’re someone who loves fashion, Dolce is a great option for your female dog.

Alternatives: Dolche, Dollce, Dolie

3. Georgia

As a name that is commonly used as a baby name for people who have hearts that live in the south, Georgia is not only the name of the state responsible for delicious peaches but also some of the most courteous southern behavior you could imagine. If you’re looking for female names that capture a happy and loving personality, Georgia is a great option.

Alternatives: Georgianna, Georgie, Georgitte

4. Daisy

Who doesn’t love getting their hands on some beautiful wildflowers that can brighten up a room? Daisies are fragrant and innocent, which is ideal for a dog that is loyal and sweet, but that also loves playing around and being a little rambunctious. It’s a very common dog name and for a good reason, as it’s adorable and sweet all in one.

Alternatives: Daisee, Daisey, Daisi, Daizy

5. Athena

We love the idea of naming a strong, loyal, and independent dog Athena, as it was made most notable via Greek mythology. Known as the goddess of warfare, law, justice, courage, wisdom, inspiration, and strength, Athena is a name that would pair perfectly with a German Shepherd, Husky, or even a Pit Bull.

Alternatives: Athene, Athenais, Athene

6. Gypsy

If you take away the stigma of defining someone as a gypsy, it’s another one of the many amazing female dog names destined for breeds that are known for exploring and always have the need to move around and see what the world has to offer. There are plenty of breeds that work well with this name, especially Beagles, Labrador Retrievers, Collies, and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Alternatives: Gypsie, Gypsee, Gypsum

7. Autumn

Seasonal names can be perfect depending on when you first adopt or receive your dog, and since they aren’t typically names used for children, you can bet that they’re unique amongst most pet owners. We particularly love Autumn because of how it rolls off of the tongue and it’s easily one of the most popular seasons of the year, but you can also choose from Summer or Winter as well.

Alternatives: Autena, Fall, Autha

8. Scout

Similar to “Gypsy”, Scout is a great name for a pet that loves spending time in the outdoors, but what we especially love about it is that it’s quite unisex, which gives you the option of using it for either a boy or a girl dog. However, due to its versatility, it’s one of the more famous names on this list, so you can bet someone in your immediate area likely already owns a dog named Scout.

Alternatives: Scotia, Scottie, Scoutt

9. Shadow

Are you the owner of a dog that seemingly follows you everywhere? Shadow is the perfect moniker for a dog that loves to be beside their owner at all times, no matter if it’s while you’re on the couch or walking up to bed. You might also be interested in the name if you adopt a pet with grey or black fur, as it’s the quintessential choice for darker dogs.

Alternatives: Shade, Shay, Shad

10. Sugar

There’s nothing quite like puppy kisses, especially when you’re having a bad day, though some dogs might take it a little too far and lick your entire face! Sugar is an adorable name for dogs that love showing their affection by giving you a little bit of sugar every time they see you. It’s also an excellent name for dogs that are inherently sweet with everyone that they meet, or with other dogs that they play with.

Alternatives: Sug, Shugar

11. Foxy

Perfect for the pets that have an independent yet sassy personality, Foxy is a name that will take the whole world by storm. It’s also a great name for a dog that resembles a fox in their facial or physical features. Foxy is the perfect name to capture a personality that is bold, confident and leads the pack, rather than a dog that sits back and watches everything that happens around them.

Alternatives: Foxie, Foxxy, Fox

12. Karma

It’s true when they say, “Whatever goes around, comes around,” and karma is easily one of the most believable tales that you’ll hear, but little do most people know that it’s also a stunning name for a female dog. If you’re the owner of a furry friend that tends to share its wisdom and courage with those around you, Karma is the perfect name for them.

Alternatives: Karm, Carma, Charm

Final Thoughts

There are hundreds of pet names that you can choose from and knowing the perfect one will make it easier for you to find a title for your pet that shows off their personality, their appearance, and how much you love them. In all honesty, a pet’s name can give strangers an indication of how your dog acts, and it will come handy when you’re engaging with conversations at the dog park. The more unique the female dog names, the more thoughtful the name will be, and you’ll want to make sure that you take enough time to choose the perfect one for your pet.