How To Find The Best Schools For Mammalogy

There is a type of scientific study that focuses on mammals. It is called mammalogy. It is a form of zoology, one that targets a very specific class of vertebrates. These are animals that have four-chambered heart’s, for, and what is called a homeothermic metabolism. They are also known for the very complex nervous systems that they have, and there are well over 4000 different species of animals that fall into this category. If you would like to get into this field of science as a profession, here are the steps that you need to take in order to find the best schools for mammalogy.

Overview Of Mammalogy

If you decide to pursue a degree in mammalogy, you will be pleasantly surprised with all of the different jobs that will be available. You will be able to work with a very diverse group of animals, and because there are so few of them, you will likely have many job opportunities available to you. This branch of biology is becoming more popular, and you may find yourself working in different countries for a multitude of different corporations. You will learn about many different things including the evolutionary history of these animals, their function in the world, and information about taxonomy.

Natural History And Mammalogy

One of the main focuses of this particular branch of biology is that you are going to learn about mammals and their way of life. Each one of them is going to provide a different functionality within the large web of mammals all over the earth, each playing an important part. As the environment continues to change, the habits of these creatures will also change in order to help them survive. These are things that we must know about so that we can do course corrections if we discover that some of these mammals are not doing too well in the wilderness.

Taxonomy And Systematics

Another area that you will focus upon is the classification of these mammals. This will include the order, genus, family, and phylum of these species. You can cross reference the evolutionary path that these mammals have taken over the last hundred or thousand years to see what type of changes have occurred. By doing so, you can provide a very important service to society by understanding how certain changes will be helpful to these mammals which will indirectly benefit the environment.

Mammalogy Management And Control

It is well-known that humans have played a large role in affecting mammals all over the earth. It has to do with the type of pollution that we produce, and the growing numbers of human beings that are encroaching into their territories. There will always be problems in regard to hunters that are poaching, affecting certain types of mammals that are near extinction. By properly managing these animals, and learning how to control the habits and behaviors of human beings, it is possible to save some of the species.

What Career Opportunities Are Available For Mammalogist?

One of the primary places that you will find experts in this field is working within the setting of the University. People enjoy teaching these topics, but before you can do that, you do have to have experience in the field. As you are getting your education, not only will you understand how to properly talk about and identify these different species, but you can also teach this to others. Some in this field have actually written books, or have started programs that were very helpful in protecting certain mammals that were in danger. Another possibility is that you could work for companies that are specifically targeting mammals that are in need of help somewhere in the world. You may find yourself traveling to different destinations, providing advice based on your experience, and contributing in a large way. For those that do not like to be behind a desk, this would be a welcome opportunity so they could use their skills that they have learned. Others might be much more comfortable at a college or university where they can teach other students that would prefer going in the field to work with these animals.

How Long Must You Be In School To Receive Your Degree?

In most cases, it’s going to take you a minimum of eight years to get the education and experience that will be necessary to have one of these jobs. Most people have a bachelors degree and a Masters degree if they want to be in one of the top positions. It may also take a few years of experience in the field working with specific animals. It is an ongoing education, one that you can build upon as you are working at different locations to provide your much-needed services.

Other Job Opportunities That Are Available

Some of the other job opportunities would be working with federal programs such as federal government agencies in charge of helping mammals of all different types. You could work for the National Park Service, Army Corp. of Engineers, and even the US Fish and Wildlife Service programs. Some people end up working for museums which is a very comfortable position, usually reserved for those that would prefer a more scholarly approach to this particular field of interest. In addition to this, you could work for conservation organizations, wildlife organizations, and private research institutions. Whether you decide to work at a zoo, or if you decide to work with a company such as the National Audubon Society, these are all possibilities for people that have this type of degree. It is a profession that is designed for people that have a genuine interest in saving mammals and can be one of the most rewarding professions that a person can do.

To find out more about schools for mammalogy, you simply need to search on the web for the different ones that are currently offering these programs. You will want to look for accredited colleges and universities that offer degrees for wildlife biology, zoology, and several others. You could end up at Montana State University, the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, or Andrews University that is in Missouri. All of the schools will offer you these programs which can help you fulfill your dream of becoming an expert at mammalogy, leading you to a rewarding career.