Funny Dog Names That’ll Have You Laughing Out Loud!

Funny Dog Names That’ll Have You Laughing Out Loud!

Laughter is the best medicine, and if you choose a funny name for your dog, you’ll certainly be one of the few pet owners that didn’t opt for something strong and bold. If you’re looking for a title that you can shout out in public that will warm your heart and give you a little chuckle, we’ve found some of the best funny dog names to use to your advantage. Even if you don’t find a name that you decide to use for your furry little friend, they’re sure to give you some inspiration.

Top 10 Funniest Dog Names

1. Snoop Doggie Dog

Even though we’re pretty sure that Snoop’s name has changed several times over the years, if you’re a fan of rap and a laidback lifestyle, then Snoop Doggie Dog is an excellent option for your pet. People will love how iconic the name is yet how relatable it is for absolutely any type of breed that you can find, not to mention it’s also one of those names that relatively everyone in the world has heard of.

2. Muttilda

Muttilda is arguably one of the coolest and most memorable children’s films that you can guarantee nearly everyone has seen, which is why we love the sound of Muttilda as the perfect pet name for your new dog. Though we’d recommend reserving it for female dogs, as it’s a play on the name Matilda, it could also be used with male dogs if you’re looking to add even a little more humor to it.

3. Boba Fetch

There aren’t many Star Wars names that you can find and transform into something funny, but Boba Fetch is one that we truly appreciate. As a play on Boba Fett, one of the more popular and well-known villains in the franchise, if you have a dog that loves to play outside and chase after things, then there’s nothing better than giving them the name of this historic bounty hunter.

4. Butterball

Do you own a dog that is just so cute that you can’t contain an “Aww!” every time you’re around them? Then why not opt for the name Butterball as it’s something that is endearing but is also reminiscent of delicious turkeys that you can find around the holidays. Known for their large and bulky appearance, Butterball is the perfect name for a dog that is bigger and prefers to lie around the house rather than run outdoors.

5. Santa Paws

If you’re someone who is adopting a dog for your family during the holidays, then Santa Paws is a name that you can encourage your kids to choose as it will remind them of when they welcomed the latest addition to their family into your home. Another alternative could be Santa Claws, especially if your dog is known for having relatively long nails that seemingly penetrate everything that it walks on. Plus, what’s better than being named after one of the most influential personalities during the holiday season?

6. Chew Barka

As another Star Wars franchise name that we fell in love with, Chew Barka is a phenomenal play on words that emulates one of the most popular characters, Chewbacca. If you own a pet that is loyal, compassionate, and determined, this is a name that will easily capture their personality. You might also want to consider it if they tend to bark a lot.

7. Orville Redenbarker

Popcorn is one of the most delicious treats that you can get your hands on, but what we love about Orville Redenbarker is that it’s equally as fun as it is hilarious. As a name that is easily one of the most interesting on this list, it might be long, but you'll surely appreciate the reaction of strangers when they ask you what your dog’s name is and you can say it out loud.

8. Droolius Caesar

We’ve all seen dogs that tend to drool the total amount of their body weight, and at the end of the day, having a name that shows off that trait is a great way to let everyone know that they’ll need to wash their hands after petting them! Droolius Caesar is obviously a play on Julius Caesar, and even though we wouldn’t recommend finding meaning in the history of the character, it’s a funny way to twist the name around.

9. Hairy “Paw-ter”

As another name that your kids will surely love, why not name your furry friend after one of the most courageous and inquisitive characters you’ll ever read about in a book or see on the big screen? Hairy “Paw-ter” is a funny take on the original Harry Potter, and it not only shows that you’re a fan of the films and novels, but it’s also a great costume idea for next year’s Halloween. The only issue with this name is that when it’s said out loud, it sounds exactly like the original, so spelling it out is the only time when you’re going to be able to see everyone’s reaction.

10. Sherlock Bones

Ideal for dogs that love to discover new areas and explore their surroundings because they are curious, Sherlock Bones is a phenomenal name to give to a rather curious pet. Known as one of the most interestingly strange characters ever written in a novel, Sherlock Holmes is something that is perfect for breeds such as a Beagle and a Daschund.

Final Thoughts

You can surely bet that there are plenty of other funny dog names such as Mister Mi-waggy, Pumba, Yoda, and even Elmo, but we’d like to think that the 10 titles that we put in this list are the perfect alternatives to traditional names you would typically come across. If you’re someone who prefers to have a unique moniker for your pet that other owners are sure not to have, we’d recommend choosing from any of the names that we have collected.

At the end of the day, your dog’s name is something that will be remembered for the rest of their life and instead of opting for something that is more serious and somewhat typical, why not have a little bit of fun with it and choose funny dog names that are magical?