Male Dog Names: The Top 10 Picks

Male Dog Names: The Top 10 Picks

Similar to finding the right names for female dogs, finding one for male dogs can be simple as long as you’re willing to put a little creativity into the task. You can guarantee that there are thousands of male dog names that perfectly capture the personality of your pet so that their name resembles who they are, similar to how your name commemorates your best qualities.

Behind every name, there is a meaning, and with the help of this guide, you can find the perfect name for the latest addition to your family that shows off their best traits.

Our Top Choices for Male Dog Names

1. Aladdin

If you’re a fan of Disney movies, you can bet that Aladdin is a great name for a pet. In the movie, the main character is a rambunctious teenager who is just trying to make a life for himself in any way possible. As the perfect name for a male pet who loves spending their time playing and horsing around, Aladdin easily fits with a fun and playful pet.

Alternatives: Aalattin, Aldin, Ali

2. Apollo

You’ve likely heard the name Apollo in plenty of popular films such as Rocky or Apollo 13, but did you know that the name actually means “Destroyer”? The idea of naming your pet Apollo is perfect if they’re the type of dog that loves to destroy absolutely everything in the house or that is merely a very clumsy dog that makes a mess everywhere they go. It also has a strong sound to it, which makes it ideal for breeds such as Siberian Huskies, Saint Bernards, and Pit Bulls.

Alternatives: Loxias, Apelo, Apollon

3. Apex

Apex has the definition of “at the top of”, which makes it the ideal name for a dog that is always the leader of the pack and has the tendency to fight for their need to be the alpha in a household. If you’re the owner of a pet that has a strong personality, always thinks that they’re in the right, and is stubborn when it comes to commands, Apex is the perfect title for them.

Alternatives: Alpha, Apogee, Peak

4. Alfie

There are plenty of dogs that love taking their families on adventures, especially when it comes to everyday walks and exploring the world around them. With that being said, Alfie is the perfect name for a dog that pulls a little too much on their leash and is overexcited to guide you to areas that you might have never seen before. Alfie typically means “Guide”, but it’s also a name that symbolizes a counseling personality, which makes it a soothing and peaceful name for a pet that you go to when you’re in need of emotional support.

Alternatives: Alf, Alfy, Alfred

5. Bentley

What would a male dog name's list be without a luxurious name that resembles one of the most expensive luxury brands on the market? Bentley is equally as adorable as it is lavish because the expensive cars made by Rolls Royce also carry the same name. It’s a little more well-known than the other dog names on this list, but it’s still something that you should consider if you’re a fan of all things luxurious.

Alternatives: Bentlie, Bentlee, Benny

6. Berber

Known as an indigenous group of people in Africa, Berber is also the name of a special type of carpet that you can have in your home that is known for being plush and comfortable. If you own a dog that has a mane that is thick or that sheds a lot, Berber is a great choice for them, especially if they are a Sheepdog that you love to cuddle! Berber also has a ring to it that symbolizes a pet that is rather playful, joyous, and that could be great with kids.

Alternatives: Burber, Burbur, Berb

7. Zeus

Zeus is such an iconic dog name because everyone has heard of the God of sky and thunder at one point or another. As a very well-known name amongst Greek mythology, Zeus reigns over Mount Olympus and stands for strength, leadership, and guidance. You’ve likely seen plenty of bigger dogs named Zeus simply because it’s such a powerful name, but it can also be ideal for smaller dogs that have strong personalities and bring the family together.

Alternatives: Zoo, Zus, Jupiter

8. Casper

Also known as the friendliest ghost you might ever come across, Casper is a name that claimed its right to fame through movies about a friendly ghost that tried to make friends with the living. If you have kids in your family, Casper is a name that they won’t soon forget and something that they might recommend themselves, as he is a character in a selection of phenomenal films. Casper is also an excellent choice for dogs that have white hair, as the typical portrayal of ghosts revolves around white and cloudy translucence.

Alternatives: Caspey, Cappy, Caspian

9. Cameo

Seemingly made for dogs that tend to stay to themselves, Cameo is defined as a type of cover that hides from sight, similar to camouflage. Not every dog is interested in being the leader of the household, and there are plenty of breeds that are independent and prefer to do activities all on their own, so much that you might not even know where your dog is hiding most of the time. Cameo is also a great name for cats that tend to come out only when they are hungry or in need of affection.

Alternatives: Camo, Cam, Camee

10. Chewbacca

Iconic in its own right, Chewbacca is clearly one of the best names for a dog that has an incredibly furry coat that sheds absolutely everywhere! It’s also a strong and friendly name that signifies togetherness, allegiance, and loyalty. Derived from the Star Wars movies, it might also be an option for someone who is a fan of the franchise and is looking for a way to show off their interest in the Star Wars universe.

Alternatives: Chewy, Bacca, Chew

Final Thoughts

There surely isn’t a shortage of male dog names, especially if you put a little bit of thought into the task. From traditional names such as Cooper to names that are a bit more unique, such as Apex, you can easily find the ideal title for your pet that accentuates their best personality traits.