Doggy Dan Review

Doggy Dan Review

Every dog owner knows that to show love and responsibility for their dog, they should train them in proper obedience and behavior, not least because of the benefits this brings to the dog itself. The question thereafter is how you train them; given the plethora of dog books and courses, it can all seem a bit confusing knowing where to start, so we have checked lots of them out for you.

Doggy Dan Review - Online Dog Trainer ReviewOne of the most respected dog trainers we found, and whose methods are not only very effective but also extremely enjoyable for both owner and dog, goes by the name of ‘Doggy Dan‘.

Doggy Dan, whose real name is Dan Abdelnoor, worked with dogs for many years on an amateur basis while holding down a career in the corporate world in New Zealand.

His love of dogs made him realize he wanted to work with them fulltime, so he quit his job in the city to do just that. Having studied and read just about every dog training course and book available, he soon realized there was a massive gap in the understanding of dog behavior.

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He developed a method of training dogs that was based on how dogs communicate themselves rather than how humans do. His methods meant that the dogs he trained were changing their behavior much more willingly because they could more easily understand the signals they were receiving.

From the research he conducted and the lessons he learned, Dan has since written a best-selling book on dog training, called ‘What the Dogs Taught Me About Being a Parent,’ has a successful blog with over 100,000 subscribers, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.

Most importantly, for dog owners wishing to train their dog correctly, he has created several online dog training courses which to date have been used by tens of thousands of people to train their dogs successfully.

Dan-2-dogsHis principle course is called ‘The Online Dog Trainer Program,’ which is a web-based course, so it can be accessed by anyone via their PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This means wherever you are with your dog you will be able to access whichever part of the training is relevant.

It could be you are progressively training a puppy or are trying to correct an unwanted behavior. Whichever it is, the beauty of how the course is accessed means you can click on whatever part you need, learn it, and then implement it with your dog.

Check out Doggy Dan’s The Easy Way to an Obedient Dog HERE

Another great thing about the course is that it will work for any size of dog, any breed of dog, and is suitable whether your dog is a young pup or getting on in years. This is not the case with many courses which may only focus on larger breeds, or do not cater for older dogs.

In terms of the course content, it is broken down into multiple sections, with each one covering a comprehensive range of training within that category. These are easy to navigate between thanks to the simple drop-down menus and clickable links.

One of the most important is the ‘Pack Leader’ section which explains the five golden rules of training your dog, such as controlling food. This series of lessons explain the principles of dog behavior upon which all the other training depends.

Obviously, puppies are prime candidates for dog training and there is an entire section dedicated to them. It covers subjects such as their health, how to introduce them to the outside world, dealing with early behavioral issues, and the basic commands to set them on their way to becoming a well-behaved adult dog.

Dan-Moses-2One of the most popular parts of the site is called ‘Project Moses’ which we’ll hasten to add has nothing to do with biblical tales. Instead, it is an amazing video diary of Dan raising his own puppy, Moses, from 8 weeks to 8 months. If you love cute puppies watch it for that, but more importantly, if you have a puppy of your own it is truly insightful to see an expert raise and train theirs.

Another very useful section is the one on dog problems, which many dog owners despair of ever being able to solve. That is until now, because the training videos include solutions to problems such as aggression, pulling on the leash, jumping up, separation anxiety, phobias, and even the rather unpleasant issue of your dog eating poop!

If all that wasn’t enough, we now come to the main dog training section, which is as comprehensive as can be. It teaches dog owners how to communicate with their dogs, the key principles of their behavior, how to reward your dog, primary commands, safety, plus many more.

To tie-in with the training section, on the main membership page, there is a section called ‘Everyday Tools and Techniques,’ which is a list of clickable buttons which take you through and show you methods which Dan himself uses every day to train his and his clients’ dogs.

In addition to all the main training, you also gain access to some great bonuses which add to the tools you have, in order to help you successfully train your puppy or your dog.


The first is access to Doggy Dan’s online community, where you can communicate with other dog owners, share your dog training experiences, and even reach out to Dan for help when needed. He is very active in the community, so it is almost like having him as your personal dog training consultant.

The second bonus is ‘Weekly Video Updates,’ which gives you a front row seat to watch Dan consult with dogs’ owners. In these videos, you will see him solve their dog-training issues, and train dogs himself using his methods.

The final bonus is the ‘Download Library’ which is further downloadable dog training material such as Dan’s ‘7 Secrets to Puppy Training’ and ‘Advanced Vocal Commands.’

If you are a dog owner, having a new puppy to train can be daunting; trying to train an adult dog new ways to behave can be frustrating; and worst of all, having a dog with a serious behavioral problem can be traumatic.

The good news is that whatever your situation in terms of training your dog, Doggy Dan’s ‘Online Dog Trainer Program’ has all the answers for you. It can be easily accessed and navigated, all the information within the videos and audios is simple to follow, and best of all, there is ongoing support available for you within the online community.

You owe it to yourself, but most of all you owe to your dog, to have them properly trained. It shows your love for them and a well-trained dog will return that love to you tenfold.

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