Popular Dog Names: The Top 12 of 2018

Popular Dog Names: The Top 12 of 2018

Similar to baby names, every year there are new dog names that become the most popular when compared to other names that have been used in the past. Similar to how fashion trends appear and disappear, titles for dogs are always changing in popularity, especially if there are fantastic pop culture references that pop up as the years progress.

We’ve found the most popular dog names this year that can help you find the perfect moniker for the latest addition to your family.

The Most Popular Male Dog Names

1. Max

Max is the short form of Maximilian, which is what makes it one of the more famous names for larger breeds. Maximilian has the definition of “Greatest”, but if you choose Max as the short form of Maxwell, it could also mean “Great spring”. It’s a fantastic name for a dog that is commanding yet joyous and may have more energy than most people would expect.

2. Cooper

Traditionally, a Cooper was someone who repaired wooden objects such as barrels and casks, which is why we love the idea of naming your dog after a profession designated to help fix things. It’s quite often that dogs become the beacon of light in the darkness for family members and help put all of your feelings back together again.

3. Buddy

As one of the more obvious names on this list, Buddy is perfect for a dog that truly is your best friend and will remain as your companion until the end of their days. It’s easily one of the most popular dog names throughout history mostly because it’s true when they say that dogs are a man’s best friend.

4. Duke

Duke is something that can be derived from many sources, though we’d like to think that it’s a strong and masculine name that shows off the capabilities of your dog. If you have a breed that is known for being overly territorial or that prefers to hold its ground against other dogs, Duke is a phenomenal name to give them. We also think that it can be funny and adorable if given to a smaller dog.

5. Teddy

As a short form of a teddy bear, Teddy is an excellent name for a dog that seemingly gives you the best cuddles and helps to keep you warm at night. It’s also a great name for a pet that plays well with your children and is more of their companion than yours, not to mention it will be incredibly easy for kids to pronounce and remember.

6. Winston

Winston is the type of name that has a lot of wisdom behind it, which is why it’s one of the most popular pet names for breeds that look wiser beyond their years, such as sheepdogs. Ideal for dogs with soothing personalities that help to keep the family together, we love the idea of Winston for a pet that you always confide in.

The Most Popular Female Dog Names

1. Nala

Derived from The Lion King, Nala is the name of the top female of the pride, and she is who helps Simba, the main character, make the right decisions throughout the whole movie. If you’re the owner of a dog that is the backbone of the family and might be a little stubborn and hardheaded, Nala is the perfect name for her.

2. Coco

Similar to other names on this list, Coco is something that can be taken from plenty of sources, whether you’re a high-fashion fan who appreciates the luxury of Coco Chanel or if you’re someone who enjoys sickly sweet warming beverages during the winter months. Coco simply sounds cute, which is likely why it’s one of the most popular female dog names that you’ll hear quite often at the dog park.

3. Penny

Most people know the saying, “Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!” This is particularly true when it comes to your new furry friend, as your dog can bring you comfort, amazing experiences, and luck throughout their entire lifetime. In fact, plenty of dog owners are luckier than they know once they welcome a pet into their home. Penny is also a great name for a dog with copper fur.

4. Luna

Luna is a Latin word that means moon, which makes it is a great name for a pet that has an owner with an affinity for astronomy. It’s also applicable to the Roman goddess of the moon, who is referred to as Selene in Greek mythology but Luna in Roman mythology. Not only is the moon beautiful and mysterious, but it’s also what gives us a guiding light in the depth of darkness, similar to how your dog can help you through some of your toughest times.

5. Harley

No matter if you’re a fan of motorcycles or if you’re looking for a name to give your dog that relates to Batman, Harley is an exceptionally adorable title to use to your advantage. Just imagine, if you were to adopt a second dog, then you could name it Joker, and it will surely be a conversation starter amongst people at the dog park.

6. Kona

Kona is a Hawaiian name that means lady, which is a unique spin on a traditional name that has been used throughout the years. It’s also one of the most desirable locations in Hawaii with beautiful sights and sceneries that you aren’t soon to forget. Perfect for the type of dog that has innate manners and that is easy to train, Kona is a more modern adaptation of a classic favorite.

Final Thoughts

No matter what name you choose for your furry little friend, it will perfectly capture their personality and show off their best traits. At times, opting for classic and traditional names can be better than trying to think of something new and innovative, especially if you have a tradition-oriented personality.

With the help of this list of the most popular dog names, you can bet that you would find the perfect title for your new pet that your family and dog will love and appreciate for years to come.