Unique Dog Names for Male and Female Dogs

Unique Dog Names for Male and Female Dogs

Naming your pet can be an exciting task, especially if you leave it up to your kids. Instead of relying on traditional names such as Browny and Max, there are plenty of unique names that you can use to give your pet something unique and innovative.

Below is a collection of our favorite unique dog names for both male and female dogs to help you find the perfect title for your new furry friend.

Unique Dog Names for Male Dogs

1. Loki: “Mischievous”

Also known as one of the best characters from the Marvel Universe, Loki is a phenomenal name for a dog that tends to get him or herself in trouble more often than not. Known as a mischievous (and sometimes evil) God, Loki is a cute yet appropriate name for a pet that loves to tear everything up or who likes to play tricks on their owner.

2. Comet: “Celestial Object”

One of the most interesting parts of the universe is space and comets, and they are certainly forces to be reckoned with. Comet is a first-rate name for a dog that knows exactly what it wants and how to get it, no matter what. It could also be an adorable name for a pet that is relatively clumsy and crashes into everything, leaving quite a trail of destruction behind them.

3. Hershey: “Chocolate”

If you own a dog that is quite possibly the sweetest thing you have ever laid eyes on, Hershey is a great name to choose to accentuate their loving and cuddly personality. Similar to the chocolate brand, Hershey symbolizes everything soft and sweet about your pet, which is what makes it so perfect for lapdogs.

4. Granite: “Hard and Impenetrable”

Ideal for dogs that have a more stubborn side, granite is a natural stone typically used for kitchen countertops because of its resilience. Granite stands strong against heat and destruction, which could very well describe the personality of your dog. We especially love the idea of using this name for bigger dogs, as it will display their strength.

5. Phoenix: “Rises from the ashes.”

There are plenty of definitions and meanings for the name Phoenix, but when you look into historical documents, a Phoenix was a mythological bird that would rise from its ashes once it dies, coming back stronger and better than ever. It’s another strong sounding name that is indeed appropriate for male dogs that are a little hard headed but are also the protector of the family.

6. Baroque: “Artistic style that is known for exaggerated drama and grandeur.”

Do you own a dog that has a knack for being overly dramatic? We’d like to say that Baroque is an excellent name for them as it not only captures the idea of a dog that likes to be exaggerative, but that also highlights a lot of exuberance. Derived from an art style that came into popularity centuries ago, Baroque is also a popular form of music that is appreciated around the world.

7. Cipher: “Used to decode secret or encoded messages.”

Cipher is the optimal name for a dog that has the tendency to keep a lot of secrets or that likes to hide your belongings around the house. Known in the technology community as a key to unlock encoded messages, you could use Cipher ironically if your pet likes to keep secrets. It could also be an exceptional name for dogs that always seem to find things that you thought were once lost in your house.

Unique Dog Names for Female Dogs

1. Cordite: “Explosive”

You would typically find cordite in ammunition, as it’s an explosive that doesn’t produce any smoke but can be quite damaging. The idea of naming your dog after an explosive might seem a little dramatic at first, but it’s also one of the best monikers for a pet that has an explosive personality and is more rambunctious than you could imagine. It’s also a funny name if you were to adopt a senior dog that likes to cuddle more than play, as it’s quite the opposite of what you would expect their name to be.

2. Tobiah: “God is good.”

Perfect for families that practice religion, Tobiah is a word derived from Hebrew that means “God is good”. If you own a particularly peaceful dog that tends to bring the whole family together even during the toughest of times, choosing biblical names can be a unique way of naming, and we also like the name, Prophet as well.

3. Tick: “A parasite that sucks blood.”

It might sound a little cruel at first, but Tick can be a hilarious name that you can bet most people won’t have heard before, especially in terms of household pets. Tick could apply to pets that eat a lot or take a lot out of you by the end of the day, similar to how the parasite sucks blood from its host. It can also be seen as an adorable name for a tiny dog.

4. Marshmallow: “A soft sweet roasted over a fire.”

It’s pretty difficult to find someone who doesn’t love a marshmallow, especially as they are soft and absolutely delicious treats that you enjoy during the summer months. Ideal for dogs that are larger in size and may have a little bit of extra weight or a very thick coat, it’s equally as adorable as it is innovative and it’s surely a name that your kids will love.

5. Dauntless: “Fearless, brave, and bold”

Naming a dog that is the leader of your family and the protector can be tough, especially as you’re not going to want to choose from generic titles, but Dauntless is an innovative and incredibly strong name that you will be proud to use. We especially love the idea of naming a German Shepherd or Labrador Dauntless as it’s an exceptional way to let strangers know that he is the primary protector of your family.

Final Thoughts

With all of the dog names in the world, finding ones that are unique and rarely ever heard of can be quite the task. With the help of this guide, you and/or your children will be able to choose the unique name for your dog that your friends and family members are sure to love. All you have to do is think about their personality and then choose the right title that will suit them for the rest of their lives.